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    A range of professional sports lighting systems to combine high efficiency light output with multiple optics to achieve the most advanced flexible system for lighting projects. The compact body, low weight and new design concept, offer the minimum levels of wind resistance also the use of smaller masts.

    Principle Features
    • High efficiency light output.
    • Multiple Optics.
    • Excellent glare restrictions and a vast reduction in light pollution.
    • Perfect solution for stadium design.
    • Compact body and low weight.

    • Medium and large stadiums with TV coverage.
    • Sports halls.
    • Large indoor sports areas.
    • Events and shows in large open areas.
    • The projectors are suitable for installation on masts and line arrangements at heights up to 50/70m above and around the surface area.

    • Lamp types - suitable lamps are double ended Metal Halide both Osram and Phillips type, short and long arc.
      "ZEUS" system is manufactured in insulation Class I and Class II. The impact test is 7J.
    • Construction - The body is light and compact, manufactured in die cast aluminium, primary alloy, with low copper content for a high weather-proof rating.
      The advanced construction design reduces the weight and allows easy handling when mounting and aiming.
      The design with characteristic tapering reduces wind resistance to a minimum.
    • System description - The "ZEUS" floodlights are an integrated lighting system, suitable for many applications. The luminaires are available with various optical systems, excellent for sports applications. The types are shown as follows:

      XC System: High intensity rotational reflector, made by optics C!, C/2, C/3, C/4, C/5, C/6. Light output ratio of the luminaire: 78% 

      XS System: Symmetrical peened and specular reflector made by optics SM and SS type. Light output ratio of the luminaire: 75%

      XA System: Asymmetrical peened and specular reflector made by optics AM and As type. Light output ratio of the luminaire: 65%

      As per recommendations for broadcasting standards: 

      Description: Association of International.
      Sport Federation EBU - European Broadcasting Union.
    • Aiming - Aiming is achieved with a mechanical sighting device (a protractor scale, attached to the side of the unit and indicating the angle of tilt, can be used for pre-aiming) or for more precise aiming, a telescope 6x35 can be mounted on the sighting mounting.
    • Mounting - The floodlight has a strong hot-dipped galvanized steel fixing bracket. A series of equidistant holes allows for safe fixing and orientation.
    • Lamp mounting and replacing - The lamp is located by opening the rear cover, the cover is opened by releasing two strong stainless steel quick release clips. 
      Lamp replacement is achieved by opening the cover housing at an angle of 110°.
      Accurate reproduction of the light distribution pattern is guaranteed by the two-point fixing of the transversely positioned lamp and by tight design tolerances of the lamp position in relation to the optical system.
    • Gear Box - IP65 in a die cast aluminium control box. The mounting distances between the gear box and the body can be up to 50/70 meters, as the ignitor is fitted within the rear housing of the projector.



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