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    The levels expressed below are a brief guide to certain common lighting applications, for specific requirements consult the following: 
    > Interior Lighting > SABS 0114, Streets and highways > SABS 098 for Sports Facilities > SANCI guide for sport lighting. 
    Extracts from these publications are available from our office on request. 


      General Engineering Rough work 160 lux  
      General Engineering Medium work 400 lux  
      General Engineering Fine work 800 lux  
      General Engineering Very fine work 1600 lux  
      Inspection Areas Rough work 160 lux  
      Inspection Areas Medium work 320 lux  
      Inspection Areas Sub assemblies 400 lux  
      Inspection Areas Fine work, electric & high precision mechanical 800 lux  
      Offices Entrance halls and reception areas 160 lux  
      Offices Conference facilities, general offices, typing & filing 500 lux  
      Offices Computer and business machine operation 630 lux  
      Offices Drawing offices 800 lux  
      Outdoor Areas Mechanical loading 10 lux  
      Outdoor Areas Manual loading 50 lux  
      Outdoor Areas Service station forecourts 160 lux  
      Warehousing Inactive storage 20 lux  
      Warehousing Loading bays and large material storage 100 lux  
      Warehousing Small storage, packing and dispatch 200 lux  


    Freeway - 2.0 Candelas (20 lux)
    Major arterial roads - 1.5 candelas (10lux)
    Arterial roads - 1.0 Candelas (10 lux)
    Minor arterial roads - 5 lux
    Minor surburban roads - 2 lux
    On all roads uniformity is of critical importance


      Type of sports Practise Level Minor League Major League Provincial Level
      BOWLS 20  lux 50  lux 100  lux 150  lux
      TENNIS 50  lux 100  lux 150  lux 250  lux
      FOOTBALL 50  lux 100  lux 250  lux 450  lux
      CRICKET outfield 50  lux 100  lux 250  lux 450  lux
      CRICKET pitch 100  lux 200  lux 400  lux 600  lux
      HOCKEY 50  lux 100  lux 250  lux 350  lux
      SWIMMING 50  lux 100  lux 150  lux 250  lux

    The above figures are based on outdoor activities with estimated spectator levels for the activities above, different spectator levels, i.e. abnormally large or small stadiums will require different levels to those specified above. 

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